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Reliability. An old-fashioned virtue? Anyone who thinks so will call us old-fashioned. For more than 50 years we have been building special purposes machinery that is flexible and fast. Reliable working machines. And, if ever one should fail, our service technicians are on the spot immediately in order to set things straight. Our more than 100 employees are constantly developing our technology to perfectly cover your requirements on a machine 100% regardless if it concerns a bottle unscrambler, de-palletizer, our aerosol technology, or other special purpose machinery. Whether for food, cosmetics, personal care, chemical, or for other consumer goods: Tölke works. You can count on it!

The Team
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It is not our machines that make us what we are today. It is the clever minds behind them, the engineers and tinkerers who do everything to make a machine reliable to fulfill its job at all times. This has been our culture, since the company founder Franz Tölke constructed his first cork-cutting machine with 14 employees more than 50 years ago in Lohne, Germany. His successors built up and expanded the company, which is still family owned to this day. Since then, many more efficient and better machines have been built and are being built today. However, they all have one thing in common: they are sophisticated and reliable. This is because we educate our experts of tomorrow. Today we have about 100 "Tölke experts" - all specialists on their home turf. Our employees sustain and shape this company.

Our minds
are building
the solution.

Special Purpose Machinery.

A solution for every challenge. Do you like to design your products as innovative and unique as possible? We have the perfect automation for that. Our special purpose machines put in, punch, insert, weigh, wrap, and press-in. Maybe they soon will do tasks of which we do not know today but will exist tomorrow. Do not hesitate to challenge us with your ideas!


Compact size allows it to fit on the smallest production floor. The rotary operation of the Tölke bottle unscramblers offer smaller diameters than others, but at the end just as many bottles. This is due to the double-drop zone: The bottles drop from the belt at two opposite sides and give room for the next bottle in motion. Again, another Tölke invention.


Handle with kid gloves. Not exactly. But at least as carefully. The vacuum wheel handles caps, lids and other small parts in the sorting process. Almost contact-free. The rest of the work is done by the orientating unit. It ensures that only the correct orientated cap is sent to the capper.

Capping Machines

Capped and done. Whether it is a push-on or screw cap or combined with a pump: Our system works with linear motors. They ensure that the right cap is placed on each bottle. Fast, safe and with far fewer rejects than with conventional cappers. And by the way, this also shortens the set-up times.

Filling Machines

Always at the same level. Our Tölke experts have developed the Voluminizer. When filling a bottle, the Voluminizer ensures that nothing foams or overflows. No matter how high the filling level is, the Voluminizer always fills with the same distance to the fill level. This saves you annoying cleaning of overflows. And speaking of saving: Our filling machine can be changed over quickly and easily.


Things are looking up again. This machine conveys lids, screw caps, pumps and so on upwards to be sorted, screwed, plugged or processed otherwise. Any components are usable in the Tölke elevator. We have designed it in a way that it is able to transport many different parts. Almost an all-rounder.

Transfer units

It is better to be safe than sorry. Accordingly, our transfer unit handles bottles and containers with care - even if they are "only" made of plastic material. The transfer unit inserts bottles or containers into transport pucks and orients them fast and reliably, so the container front side always leads. Or would you prefer to make the bottom the top? No problem, our transfer unit turns bottles or containers upside down.

Aerosol technology

Quite fast. Not many other manufacturers equip aerosol cans with valves with riser pipes at such a high output rate. Of course, an ATEX approval is possible if needed. That way you can use our aerosol technology for as many applications as possible.


Sometimes it has to be complex, to make it easy on you. The de-palletizer is such a machine which has all our knowledge. It is suitable for various pallet sizes and does not only unpack quick and safe, but also removes layers automatically. Thus, put the pallet into the machine and it does the rest.

Punching and Wadding Machines

Our history repeats itself. We have been designing punching and wadding machines for many years. That’s why we know what’s important to you - for example, fast format changes, multifunctional use and careful handling of the containers and caps. A proven technology – young at heart.

Works Together

Our Attitude.

For more than 50 years we have been designing and developing reliable, innovative and largely unique special purpose machines. In doing so we are a reliable partner for our customers and business associates, and an employer that our workers can count on.

We stand for integrity, respect, professionalism and reliability. These values are the basis of our actions towards our groups of interest.

We have summarised what this specifically means in our code of ethics.


There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. So, if your have a question, suggestion or an idea, just contact us! We will answer soon

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